popeye22 Registered User

For sale - As new CZ 452 .22 calibre Rifle.

This rifle is only 2 years old and has hardly been used in that time. I am only selling it to fund another purchase. It has a black synthetic stock and a chrome barrel. On its own it costs E450 but I am including many extra's with it.

Extra's included are:
2 Ten shot magazines
Simmons White Tail Classic Scope 3-9x40,(This scope is American made unlike the newer Chinese one's)
These extra's alone would cost a few hundred euro.

Price 600 euro - No Offers

walsh.peter Registered User

Dont suppose you fancy selling one of the magazines seperate ?.

popeye22 Registered User

sorry Peter, but will do if i dont make the money needed,


glenmax Registered User

likr wise mag on its own id take ..cheers.

Aido.ned Registered User

Where are you located?

popeye22 Registered User

are u asking me Aido, if so North Co. Dublin,

lanber man Registered User

still available?

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popeye22 Registered User

yes still available,,

i can deal around 500 euros

glenmax Registered User

would u sell the bipod ......

popeye22 Registered User

sorry glenmax all together or nothing,,yours in sport Popeye..

popeye22 Registered User

bargainhunt1 said:
still available?

you still on for Cz 452,,can move around 500E

leeol Registered User

Is this still for sale??

popeye22 Registered User

thanks for showing so much interest in the said Rifle, i am pleased to say have received a favourable offer and the gun is sold,,,,popeye

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