pistol_75 said:
They sure didn't totally down to me than CL who finished 3rd lady overall. Well done again CL. If only everyone wasn't afraid to tow the start line and face up to a challenge ;-)

You eat serious dust yesterday buddy.

Cheers buddy! Well done to you too in fairness... I came close to blowing chunks at one stage and I don't think i would have been able to continue had I... nice!!

Ah it was a good tough run all round. There were some low points which required a bit of self cajoling but i managed to cross the line in 85:34. So the sub85 still needs a bagging, but I still ran a PB by almost 2 minutes for me which I think is a fairly decent result No sandbagging round these parts!! Was delighted to come 3rd to 2 big names in the game (albeit with a significant amount of minutes between us!!) Im actually midway through a classico CL race report so ill put it up during the week (for those who haven't had the pleasure before, my race reports are known to cure insomnia so be warned!!)


PS Big thanks to Peckham for organising the teams, seedings and results!! I suspect a lot more time and effort went into it all than we'd appreciate.... so... Cheers Michael!!

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jake1970 Registered User

1:40:55 a 11min + pb

Well done to all the boardsies, some great results.

A very well organised race, well done to all involved.

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