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There's porn on t'internet now? Whatever next.....

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Agent Smith Did you enjoy the fuhrer's birthday?

Bits_n_Bobs said:
What we need to do is close the internet down and go back to innocent halcyon days when no-one had the butt-seks.

and Listened to Orbital while popping yokes....

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Porn is one of those things that needs to be dealth with differently between the (human) sexes. Women's porn is 0.005% of the problem, men's porn is 99.995% of the problem. I suppose the equality lobby disagrees?


pablomakaveli said:
I don't understand why it needs to be an opt-out filter system. They already have this with some mobile internet providers in the UK, (O2 seem to be the worst) and its a massive nuisance as it also tends to block a lot of non-porn sites as well as the porn ones.

Isn't a system where a person buying an internet connection is asked "would you like to opt-in for an adult content filter?" a better solution than one where a user has to opt-out? At least in that situation both groups are happy. The parents can opt-in for the porn filter for the kids and adults without kids can look at the content that they can legally look at anyway without the hassle of having to ring up or go into a store to ask for it to be turned off.

Why the hell should a company have to do that? Parents should get computer savvy and look after their own damn kids.

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ScumLord said:
I think you could impose laws on the types of porn allowed, most porn sites are legitimate businesses so they would follow guidelines if they had too.

It's just where do you draw the line. Theres that japanese porn where women get tied up in elaborate knots, to call it porn may even be a bit much as the focus seems to be on the way they're tied up. But then there's the gonzo stuff where it looks like a borderline gang rape.

But if you impose those kinds of controls they could be used in popular film to censor violent rape scenes. In film a violent rape scene has a completely different agenda, you're usually sympathising with the victim or watching someone descend into madness.

I don't think it makes any sense to hide what happens in the real world from children too much. I don't think we're harming children by letting them see how the world really is, bringing them up in a fantasy land is more harmful I think. Eventually the fantasy will crumble and they'll feel completely disheartened about life.

A violent rape scene like The Accused is going to get an over 18 cert, and if parents think their 15/16 year old can watch it, the parents can decide to let them watch it.

If kids want to know what the real world is like, they can get that from the news. I grew up watching the latest atrocity in N.I., and that's where I got my idea how violent the world can be.

The other side to your argument, and this was borne out in a C4 programme about secondary school teenagers and their attitudes towards porn, because porn is so readily available it starts to pervade their thinking about sex. That's where the problem arises.

who the fug
If you cannot enforce a law, then you make an arse of the law, and if the general population don't believe in a law then you can't enforce it

Things banned in Ireland , Contraceptives , drugs, books (Tailor & Ansty), abortion, divorce etc, have all made society consider the law an ass.

Just because you shout very loudly and are well connected does not mean you should be listened to.

Well contraceptives are now legal, we have little censorship on books or films, divorce is legal. Abortion yep, drugs still in step with international thinking, wrong as it maybe.

The argument that tough censorship is wrong does not mean a libertarian idyll has to be right.

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If you have kids put netnanny on the pc

Problem solved

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If you don't want your kids to see porn keep an eye on them, no point in subjecting everyone else to porn filtering..

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Chrisbellew said:
If you don't want your kids to see porn keep an eye on them, no point in subjecting everyone else to porn filtering..

You'll still get to see your porn, the withdrawal shakes might prove an added bonus.


What do you want to do OP,Its just one of those things that is there. having said that, it wont usually pop up in searches unless you go looking for it with the specific key words. trust me, i know.


It this why I can't get porn/a lot of banal sites like urbandictionary on my phone via Three?
If I call them will they flick the porn doomsitch back on??


kids need to be educated, you cant fight change just head it off at the pass
and this starts with sex education in schools.
there was a really good channel 4 programme for teenagers on sex education
'sex education for teenagers' I think it was called or something. very good it was.

What should be thought is contraception and how to use it properly the reality that it isnt 100% safe, condoms break, how to avoid this happening

the need for foreplay and methods [but keeping it to touching each other EVERYwhere [but not orally theyll learn that themselves later in time through exploration and curiosity/porn], and how to get your partner going - afterall this is the whole point of FP] kissing ect, the need for respect for your partner while having sex and finally the REPROCUSSIONS of having a baby so young especially, but what a baby means as parents with a family saying how life changed for them and the necessary sacrifices they had to make in order to properly look after their child once born, how their social life and life was turned upside down ect.

basically give them the realities while at the same time giving them the information in an un biast way. sex after bodily functions is the most natural things you can do, nothing wrong with it - but it needs to be drilled into them that having a child is going to mean freedom taken away and a change in life style needed. basically give them the 'oh **** really?' side of the possible reprocutions of sex, including sti's ect.

Also sex ed should start around 10, before puberty hits. instilling respect is the main thing though at that early age. you want to get in there before pron does
after all the rest has been taught and sunk in over weeks or months, THEN move onto pron possibly and the reality that it is a FANTASY! and it is acting ect. but the issue needs to be addressed for society as a whole. the net has made things so much more accessible now, so sex ed needs to get ahead and head these things off at the pass before porn warps their ideas before they start having sex and they think that thats what its all about. in essence porn is not for young minds pre virginity which most of us know


^ can't make sence of anything you said there

Parents should install a good web filter and try keep an eye on their kids using the family computer. Logging history is useful too although that is pretty invasive. What's the average age kids get laptops these days, 14/15 ?

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I'm not entirely sure why there's so much attention on Porn, and absolutely none on Erotica novels/Urban fantasy and romance novels with erotic moments, so on so forth.

Both contain BDSM elements, and yet only pornagraphy seems to warp young men people's mind.

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once you start filtering some kinds of content, it is very easy to start restricting all kinds of information. It is a slippery road, we should know go down. INFORMATION FREEDOM

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