y0pperz Registered User

Thought we should bring some light-hearted humour to all the traveller bashing threads lately, I'll start:

What did the traveller say to his ex-wife?

"I hope we can still be cousins".

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EoghanIRL Registered User

Use the search button ...

y0pperz Registered User

A traveller is up in court on charges of attacking his wife and decides to pi$$ everyone off he'll have the trial conducted in Irish, as is his right.

So the trial begins, and the knacker's lawyer says to him 'Cad is ainim duit?'. 'Sean O'Murchu is ainim dom', he replies. 'Agus do bhean?' says the lawyer. 'Hiace!!'

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leddpipe Registered User

EoghanIRL said:
Use the search button ...

I dont get it.....

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FearDark Banned

What's a joke is the amount of ****ing traveller threads in AH.

shanec1928 Registered User

this will end well..

dr.bollocko Moderator

There'd be less traveller bashing threads if you didn't start them you know.

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