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I'm wondering has anyone ever experienced this. I'm not new to cycling and I do between 100 and 150kms/week on a road bike.. I went on hols recently and did no cycling for a week. When I returned from hols I did 30km (mostly climbing) and ended up with a "lump" between my groin and my inside leg right at the point of contact between leg and saddle. Its about half the size of a golf ball!! and quite sore. I'm still able to cycle with it but when I get out of the saddle its agony sitting back down until I get into the right position again.
I've obviously experienced saddle soreness before, after a long ride or consecutive days in the saddle but never anything like this.
Anybody suggest a reason for this? Or does anybody have a cure???? I use the usual chamois creams and direct skin contact with chamois. Please don't suggest "stop cycling"

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If its that big a lump I would do the following
1) Doctor (Just in case)
2) Antibiotic (Doctor will probably suggest this)
3) Keep area very clean and never use shorts more than once

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Cheers n-dawg. I was trying to avoid doctor as its definitely from cycling. No broken skin to cause infection risk.

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Half the size of a golf ball and you haven't gone to the doctor???

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Zyzz, have you been talking to my wife haha?? Okay Okay, I'm making an appointment !!! Cheers.

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Do a search there has been a few threads on this.

From what I've read, saddle sores are caused by friction/abrasion on skin, in a moist bacteria rich area.

To avoid, keep good shorts clean. Use vaseline, chamois cream to reduce friction and shower as as possible after cycle.

As cure I found sudo cream the best.

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Thanks ford2600. I do all those things on a routine basis and have never had a major problem before. This thing literally just popped up overnight.

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doctor now.

/ thread

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To be fair I get them a bit when the weather is really muggy and you get very sweaty. I think mine are caused by blocked sweat glands or an infected hair follicle both of which are preventable by keeping the area really clean. Its still worth going to a doctor if its the first one you've got. They will probably do a quick swab of the area and give you an antibiotic. The best one I've ever got was just where the top of my bib shorts come to on my back. The doc gave me a cert for a week off work but it didn't hurt at all when I wore non bib shorts so I spent the week off cycling.

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haha n-dawg. Maybe that's what I should do. Get a week off for a pain in the a***

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Didn't Sean Kelly abandon the tour because of Saddle Sores?? I think he had to get it cut off/ lanced! ..OUCH!

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CTGC said:
Zyzz, have you been talking to my wife haha?? Okay Okay, I'm making an appointment !!! Cheers.

Haha not that I know of, but I've had my fair share of saddle sores and if one got that size I'd ship myself off to the doctor ASAP

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Doctors are for the rich and weak, Quinoderm is for the poor and hardy. Try not to wear it with your shorts, stains don't come out of chamois.

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Sounds like you've grown a spare testicle

I had a similar issue on hols in SE Asia (not cycling). Went to the Doc over a year later, got swabbed and was given some CX powder.

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I think he had to get it lanced!

You mean he pumped it full of drugs for it to go (a)way faster.......sorry lads Im fierce bored

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