I've gone and signed up for this- looking right now at a sub 2:45 attempt but will revise as needed in the time leading up. Anyone else thinking of running it? I've heard its a good, flat medium sized raced....sounds perfect for me..

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ThePiedPiper Registered User

Not doing it this year Drquirky, but I did last year. Its a good race, yeah. Very flat, the only thing resembling hills are just slight ramps up and over the bridges. There's a few out and back sections where you just turn around a traffic cone, so a bit stop-start in that regard. Its definitely a PB course, I ran 2:58 there last year. Incredibly beautiful city too. If you can at all, you should consider booking the Ibis Hotel on Heroes Sq. It is about 1/4 of a mile from the expo and the start/finish line. Absolutely ideal.

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Just bumping this on the off chance someone else from boards is running it. I'm pretty excited - running the race and will be in the city for 5 days as we are making a little holiday out of it... If any other boardsies are running, I'll research post race beer spots- if not it looks like I'll be partying w/ my wife and toddler !

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kkcatlou Registered User

I did the half marathon there the weekend before last. It's not the same obviously, but the course is similar. Very flat, lovely scenery, well organised.
The course was very congested though for the half (I did 1.48 so was in a very congested part to be fair), and the water stops were cups of water and powerade, which are hard to drink, especially when so congested. The heat was also killer for us pasty Irish not used to running in such conditions (got up to 28C during the race), but will have calmed down for the full.

Also, the T-shirt situation was a right fiasco, so hopefully they'll have better for the full marathon.

The Hungarians aren't known for their raucous support, but there is a good atmosphere about the city.

It's a beautiful city, and great for beers. The all you can eat brunch in the Marriot is amazing, and the ruin bars (Kerts) are great for after race boozing!

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