Kat1170 Registered User

Just in case anyone here is looking at THIS Husky 365 on DungDeal, it is a FAKE.

It has the same serial number as the one HERE that was bought in America.

The fakes are getting harder to spot, just be careful.

Ad reported to DD, but no action taken as yet, surprise, surprise

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St. Leibowitz Registered User

Maybe report it to Husky head office. I'd say they'd have more of an interest and the clout to do something about it.

Kat1170 Registered User

Got an e-mail from DD telling me that I should report it to the Gardai ......... and the ad is still up. Feckin' muppets

pachanco Registered User

Looked your man John's mobile up on google, his occupation is kind of ironic, lets hope it doesn't injure anybody, who may then require his services. I doubt he knows it's fake, probably an internet purchase I'd say. Well spotted kat1170, thanks for posting. It would make you think twice about where you buy stuff from.

Phone number search link below


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Kat1170 Registered User

Yeah, and Stihl saws too

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