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Hello everyone. I'm goin to America in the summer and was thinking of buying a google nexus 10 tablet. My first question is can I use it in Ireland ? Can I download torrent movies to it? Does it support flash player? It's 400 euro stateside for a 32 gig version . I feel this represents good value ? Can anyone answer my question with certainty Thanks guys

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You can get samsung tablets here ,less than 400 euro,
with better battery life, with the latest android os,
I See no point in buying a tablet in the usa ,unless its very cheap.
Theres a rule on this forum , no discussion re how to get illegal content,re torrents etc
GET A tablet that has a sdmicro port.

there are tablets with flash preinstalled.
just check before you buy.
it doesnt have flash installed on it, re the nexus tablet.

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Thanks for replying I'm looking to have my previous questions answered if possible , I don't like the samsung tablet 10.1 , not being rude but can I get questions answered Thanks,, specifically will it work in rep of Ireland ?

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You can use it in ireland, on wifi,
you,d need a convertor,unit, for the charger, as ireland uses 220v,
the usa uses a different elecrical voltage.
When you say use it ,do you mean on the 3g network.
my link in the post,gives info,re how to install flash on it.

i read the battery life on it is not great, after 6 months it declines ,in the amount time the battery lasts.


Theres no problem with using them in Ireland, i just got one via Google Play UK. They support mp4 but not AVI files I believe - not really had a chance to investigate yet. Flash player works via Firefox. They are well worth the money IMO, a fantastic piece of kit. The screen has to be seen to be believed.

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Do you like Flash videos? Puffin Browser not only lets you play Flash, but also gives you the ability to play Flash videos in full screen. Full screen mode is the perfect way to smoothly watch the content you so desire. If a Flash website supports full screen mode, a preview tab will automatically appear. You must give it a try.

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ThNks guys,,can u download video file directly to tge nexus,, with iPad don't u have to download to a laptop and transfer from laptop to the iPad?

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With ipad you an download video from itunes ,or other video services, apps
with android you can use apps,or get videos from the play store.
or amazon store, or netflix.
Even an old pentium 4 laptop is easier to use than a new tablet in terms of downloading video.
eg theres firefox extensions for youtube etc
I prefer a tablet with a sdcard slot,as i can put music on it, etc without using the battery for downloads,
eg laptops are better for downloading podcasts etc
There,s loads of apps,video sites, streaming sites, so downloading videos ,is a vague term to use, when you talking about tablets.
I listen to 30 podcasts, its not practical to download them using my phone,
i just put them on an sdcard,download them on a laptop.

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Thanks riclad, my final question is can I download and view tOrrents on it ?

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death112 said:
Thanks riclad, my final question is can I download and view tOrrents on it ?

yes there is several torrent clients available on the play store, I use the old reliable uTorrent

its works grand but savages the battery

riclad Registered User

re viewing files,

theres video apps, like vlc .etc moboplayer that can play avi,
wmv, allmost any codec, video format ,file on android tablets .

i think tablets can play mp4, files , without using an app, most tablets have a videoplayer built in.


Q 1: What are Google Nexus 10 supported media formats?
Video Supported: MP4/H.264/DivX/WMV
Audio Supported: MP3/WAV/eAAC+/WMA/Flac

it seems to play most video files ,apart from avi, or mkv files.
i dont think tablets,are designed for torrenting large files,

eg it would wear out the battery.

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So is it better than the iPad as a tab? 400 euro for 32 gb represents good value guys ? Thanks


Well it depends on whether you prefer Android or Apple. Personally I wouldnt buy a tablet for torrent use but each to their own. 400 quid is good value yep.

riclad Registered User

I would not buy a tablet for torrent use,
Like if i wanna play call of duty 3 ,i buy a console, or a pc.
not a tablet.
ipad has much better battery life, 8 Hours plus
You can,t install flash on a ipad,
You can buy a new 15inch laptop 250- 300 euro,s.
its a bit cheaper than an ipad.
I just leave laptop, plugged in, i never use the battery.
i removed the battery.
If i buy a tablet ,it must have a replaceable battery,
batterys last maybe 3 years ,at some point they stop working ,
Or get reduced eg 2 hours battery life.

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i got archos tablet 10 inch, in 2010, powercity, 200 euro,
7 hours battery life.
Resolution 1024x768, 8gig storage space,
scdard slot,flash preinstalled.hdmi out, usb out.
of course the nexus, ipad, resolution ,no of pixels per inch, is much higher,than that.

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