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Coming soon (probably in the next couple of weeks).

They're going back 10 years to the tired Reality TV cliché of boys vs. girls. The commenters on Facebook are not happy, with many declaring that they aren't watching due to it's sexist shift.

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Merkin Registered User

Any approximate start date for here? Will it be on Watch again do you know?

Mr E Administrator

If the last few years are anything to go by, it should be on Watch in September.

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Merkin Registered User


Basq Registered User

Completely missed the UK version (and majority of the Australian Professionals version) this year.. but I have a real soft spot for the Oz version.

It's back in the next few weeks - and here's their quite controversial promo:

Not made a lot of fans very happy.. we can only hope the "girls vs boys" concept was simply for the advertisement and they're not changing up the format!

But the advertisement is more than a tad sexist..

Go Harvey Go Registered User

I hate to do this to a mod, Basq - but I can't resist pointing out that there's already a thread for this:

Basq Registered User

No worries GHG.. I had a look down the first page of reality TV and didn't see anything.

Will merge now so.

Mr E Administrator

You have to expect that they had a few weeks filmed when they did that promo. Hard to back out of it.

On the other hand, season 1-4 started at the end of April/early May. Hasty redo?

Basq Registered User

More or less confirmed to begin Monday June 3rd.

MasterChef Australia returns to TEN early next month.

It begins at 7:30pm Monday June 3.


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LizT Same same but different

I love Masterchef Australia but that trailer is really putting me off this series

Merkin Registered User

Thanks for keeping us posted, I love this programme. I think the standard of cookery is really high and they always have lots of new and exciting concepts to bring to the table, can't wait for it to start

Basq Registered User

Now confirmed to be starting this Sunday (June 2nd)!

We’ve all been hungry for the return of MasterChef Australia, and finally our TV tastebuds will be satisfied. Network TEN has announced that Series Five of the internationally adored show will return at 7.30 on Sunday June 2.

Here's another one of those advertisements that proves the "Men vs Women" angle is still on the cards..

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Mr E Administrator

Straight in, no auditions, top 22 at the start, no messing about.
And yup, boys vs. girls (but just for the first 2 weeks).

Here we go again!

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Merkin Registered User

Are you guys waiting for Watch or is there somewhere to watch it online?

Mr E Administrator

It will be on Watch in September.

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