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Could anyone please recommend a campsite/gite near Royan/La Palmyre region in France for a family of 6. 2 adults, 1 15-year old; 12-year old; 8-year old and 2 year old. Mixed ages so a good balance of activities, shops and restaurants, etc. nearby would be great. Would love the space of a Gite but almost all I have seen are way out in the sticks. 15-year old and parents would go little cabin crazy after a few days me thinks. Campsites look good for entertainment factor but don't know if cooped up in a place no bigger than a shed for two weeks would mean that we would be coming home stress-free and relaxed after two weeks in the (hopefully) sun. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Pherekydes Registered User

Was in Les Charmettes a few years ago. It's fine for the type of holiday you're considering.

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