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Is it possible to cover scars with a tattoo? Just wondering if anyone had any experience.

Any comments appreciated.

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This one I saw recently, as an example of what can be done :

Obviously depending on the scar there may be restrictions on what can be done but have a think about what you want and then have a chat with some artists.

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Poodle Zombie Registered User

That's great thanks! I thought that the ink would bleed on the scar tissue. My scar is not as tight as the one in the picture but hopefully I can get it to look that good!


I have been tattooed over some fairly wide scars on my arm, no bother at all, no bleeding. Discuss it with the artist first, as you'll need somebody competent in tattooing over scars, but you should be grand.


I have a scar about 8 inches long on my forearm from a knife attack years ago and was recently tattooed there. Didn't feel it and it can't even be seen now. I suppose it depends on the scar too. But in general, I reckon you'll be alright.

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baron von something Registered User

it wud also depend on the age of the scar.i wanted some scarring covered and was told by a tattooist that they were too 'fresh' to be tattooed over even tho at the time they were 2years old.he said something about scar tissue still changing for a few years afterwards.i didnt listen to him i really wanted them covered so i went to another place round the corner and got the job done no bother but u can still see them if u look hard enough

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dodderangler Registered User

Have one on my left bicep from bike accident long ago and got tattoo over part of it
Actually couldnt feel the needle on it
Tattooist will tell you anyway as heard some bleed out a lot

Cupcake_Crisis Registered User

I made enquiries about this myself as ive scars in my forarm id like covered. You'll never hide a scar completely, there'll obviously be a difference in the texture of the tattoo over the scars, but any competent artist will do a bloody good job of disguising them. Also the older and more faded the scar the better the end result will be.

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Yes you can cover scars and stretch marks with a tattoo. I had a huge scar hip bone to hip bone (I still have it but it feels like its gone the tattoo covers it so well! ) I'm so happy with the result Im actually planning my second tattoo to cover other stretch marks. If you are self conscious about your scar and like tattoos its the way to go.

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what would be the best colour to get when covering a scar

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aido764 said:
what would be the best colour to get when covering a scar

Well, the scar is never going to be completely invisible under the tattoo, whatever colour you use. The tattoo I have covering some scars on my arm is black, white, purple and blue and all cover the scars equally, except the white. It's a little more visible through the white.

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googled eyes Registered User

Just chipping in. Recently got scar covered. You're better to use detailed work than a block of ink to cover a scar.
If it has a nice bit of detail and line work it will hide the scar easier

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I had extensive scaring on one of my arms and got it covered with no issue, they were old enough scars though.

guydead67 Registered User

Hey Googled Eyes, where did you get the tattoo done? Did you need it touched up after? Was the tattooist experienced with scars?

raze_them_all_ Registered User

recent piece done by robert litcan in Dark Raptor, scars can be covered over really well that in just passing you wouldn't notice but examining them you would.

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