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I'm currently moving to Ireland with my family. I expect to enrol my 4 1/2 years old boy in a primary school. I have sympathy for the 'educate together' approach.

I'm searching for a home in Lucan, so maybe Griffeen Valley and Lucan East could accept my kid.

I know that there's a pre-enrolment policy, that there's no garantee that you can have a place in any of them. But I would like to know: is this usual to happen?

Another doubt: he currently speaks few words in English, does anybody here can give some advice regarding the best way to integrate him with the Irish culture and the language?



There are essentially 5 Educate Togethers in Lucan. So also consider Lucan Educate Together, Esker Educate Together and Adamstown Castle Educate Together. They are all heavily over-subscribed so it is very common for children not to get a place.

There is also a new Community National School, Scoil Oscair, opening in September. This is also multi-demonimational but follows a slightly different approach to faith education than ET so you may not be happy with it.

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I wouldn't worry too much about him adapting to Irish language and culture. Very few children will have any Irish and young children are extremely fast at picking up a new language. You can prepare him by getting some picture books and reading them with him. I would also spend some time speaking English to him.
I spoke several languages before age 6 and I can't recall learning them. It's a great age to become bilingual

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Thanks @Miss Lockhart and @yellowlabrador. Very helpful answers.

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