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I joined menupages and did reports on restaurants I had visited and gained points. They advertised that when you had points collected you would get free meals. I have 12000 points, 2 years on and they have not had one signgle offer. I contacted them and they kept saying next month next month. I have now stopped doing reviews for them.
Has anyone else been caught out like I have,.
I sent another e mail 10 days ago and got no reply,
Wonder if they are still in business??

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This isn't a Food & Drink forum issue. Think it's better suited to Consumer Issues.


2 years of writing reviews for a free meal

Try contacting them by phone

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I have got two free meals out of them but the last time was January 2012...since then there doesn't appear to be any way to spend your "menupoints".
I did suggest to them that they allow users use their menupoints to purchase their megadeals and they said it was in the pipeline....that was October 2011

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Frankly I wouldn't see any point in either posting or reading review on MP. Restaurants can sign up to be a 'premium' member which allows them to remove negative reviews which means that the whole scheme is nothing more than a protection racket.

I've posted a few reviews on MP in the past but recently they started sending me junk mail so I've unsubscribed from them.

Plenty of threads on the topic - just search all of boards for 'menupages'.

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Yup, using menupages.ie is only of any use to find out what restaurants are in any given area, as a resource for evaluating said restaurants it's entirely redundant.

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Thats it then, I signed up in 2011 and never got anything,. Same reply in the pipeline but still nothing. I stopped doing reviews as it doesnt seem a legit site. Same people are putting up reviews and I suspect they are not genuine as they are in every county in ireland every week. Suspect to me.
Thanks for the replies guys. I know when Im beaten.


I regard the "reviews" in menupages with the same credibility as the "reviews" form stuff dot tv - currently this is the 'review' site that adds for a new SONY smartphone proudly announce

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yvonnebb said:
Same people are putting up reviews and I suspect they are not genuine as they are in every county in ireland every week. Suspect to me.

Given their MO you'd have to suspect that a restaurant gets a few negative reviews from those well-travelled diners following which the place gets a call from MP telling them how they can edit the reviews once they pay to become a premium member. It's one step short of telling them they know which school their kids go to.

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A complete scam so, I got no reply to my last 2 e mails as to how to use my 10,000 points. Sickened by these scams.

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