Looking for recommendations for hotels in Madrid & Barcelona in September.

We're looking for a decent hotel, that's central/near to everything, that's not hugely expensive. It doesn't need to be five star, just something basic, but decent.

We're looking to spend three nights in Madrid and three nights in Barcelona.

Any help/recommendations appreciated

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What's your price range roughly for hotels- less then e80p/n?

Hostal Central right around the corner from Las Ramblas was reasonably priced and friendly staff. Would recommend.


Thanks, I suppose €50-€70 per night would be our budget, the hotel doesn't have to include breakfast as we can easily go to a cafe or somewhere anyway.

We're looking for hotels, not hostels though.


Any other recommendations?

Also which areas in Madrid are more central?

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OP, I've stayed in this hotel in Madrid a few times and it's very good. Let me say at the outset that I have a friend in Madrid and he lives close to this place which is why I initially picked it but it is very good and you can walk to a metro station (Suanzes on Green line 5) which makes it accessible, it is not in the city centre but there are lots of small bars and restaurants nearby. It's not far from the airport.

They do a decent breakfast which is basically boiled eggs, toast and coffee plus the usual assortment of cold meats and fruit, about as good as you can expect in Spain! It's a relatively quiet hotel, no large groups coming and going in coaches so pretty peaceful in the evenings. There are two free desktop PCs in the lobby for guest use and there's free Wi-Fi.


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Hostal Goya in Barcelona has a great location very close to Catalunya and Las Ramblas - www.hostalgoya.com . They don't do breakfast but there's a really excellent "all you can eat" place opposite that is open all day - food is freshly prepared and very cheap.

Hostal Persal in Madrid also has a great location near Plaza Santa Ana - www.hostalpersal.com. It's a bit basic but clean and safe. Plaza Santa Ana is within walking distance of a lot of the main sights, and has some great bars and restaurants. It's a lot of fun just going from bar to bar picking up tapas along the way. I'd definitely recommend staying in that area.

A bit more upmarket and in the same area is Hostal Adria Santa Ana - www.hostaladriasantaana.com . They don't do breakfast but there are plenty of places nearby that do.

There is a huge festival in Barcelona in September called La Merce. It's a fantastic time to be there but it might be worth checking the dates because hotels fill up very very fast while it's on.

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Just to clarify for the OP, in the post above, Hostal doesn't mean Hostel!

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schemingbohemia said:
Just to clarify for the OP, in the post above, Hostal doesn't mean Hostel!

Good point actually. The Hostal Central is a hotel/guesthouse.

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This one for Barcelona, La Rambala is only a coulple of hundred metres away. Also the railway station is nearby. Train direct from the airport.
http://www.hoteldelmarbarcelona.com/en. Hotel del Mar.


Thanks everyone. We've changed our minds and decided to go to Valencia instead as there seems to be more to do, so any hotel recommendations for Valencia and Barcelona are much appreciated!

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