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Wondering if anyone has been in the position where they are living abroad now and have lost their Irish driving license. I'm living in the UK and have not been driving for the past year, I now need to start driving over here and was looking into replacing my Irish driving license with a UK one, the thing is I cannot find my Irish license which I need to include as part of the process to get a UK one.

I also cannot get my Irish license replaced without visiting a garda station it seems...? Anyone know what I can do?


Call the council who issued your licence or the RSA direct to get advice from them. They must have a procedure for this.

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Where your driving licence/learner permit has been lost, stolen, damaged or defaced and is still in date (that is, valid for use), you can apply for a replacement by completing application form D401 for a driving licence or D201 for a learner permit. This form must be signed and stamped by a Garda in your local Garda Station.
A driving licence/learner permit will be issued for the remaining period of the original licence/permit.

Seems you will have to travel home for it. But do ring the issuing body and ask, perhaps a parent can do some of the work.


Do you need to swap an Irish licence for a uk one? I always thought having a different country's licence was a good thing.

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I am in the same situation here.
Living and resident in the UK but I've lost my Irish driving licence.

OP, how did you sort your problem or can anyone else advise?

I note on they say the following but the link to the letter of entitlement does not work
"Losing your licence abroad

If your driving licence is lost or stolen while abroad, you have to apply in person at an NDLS centre for a replacement. If you are living abroad and it is not possible to do this, you may be able to exchange your driving licence for a foreign driving licence, providing that you are living in an EU/EEA member state or in a country with which Ireland has a driving licence exchange agreement. You will need a letter of entitlement from the NDLS."

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The missing link

How to obtain a Driver Statement/ Letter of entitlement
The individual themselves can request a drivers statement (letter of entitlement) to be sent out to them by phoning 0761087880 or email Information regarding a driver will not be sent to a third party.
The fee for a driver statement is €15.

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