Reon Registered User

i cant seem to click the download.torrent when i go onto isohunt it was working fine this morning any ideas? its the one where u click and it downloads it through bit torrent it just shows up as normal like i cant click it to download

tinner777 Registered User

check the dropdown box at the side of download torrent

Reon Registered User

where it says from sources? but which one do i click?

tinner777 Registered User

yes mate, any of them, they are all public trackers

Reon Registered User

ah i see k cool thanks, but will they download through the bittorrent?

tinner777 Registered User

yes it downloads the torrent file to your computer

bonzodog2 Registered User

I used to download the .torrent file to the PC then drag it to utorrent, now I use the rightclick-->copy URL option and load torrent from URL in utorrent

yoyo Moderator

No piracy discussion please

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