Antilles Registered User

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me what percentage of applicants for civil service promotions apply for the "proficiency in Irish" bonus points in their applications? I've heard it's quite low, so having it could be a major advantage. Are there figures available anywhere?


Monotype Registered User

Bit late with an answer, but I think it's 6%.

penguin00 Registered User

did my proficiency test today not too taxing but a decent level is required to achieve max points. I hope it gives me a leg up on others with the same technical ability. Well I presume thats why extra marks are granted.

stephrousseau Registered User

Hi there!

I know this is a really old thread... but just curious as to what sort of questions they ask in the Irish test? Is it like the leaving cert oral exam? where you live, hobbies, etc etc??

Any input gratefully received!


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