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Hey guys i need your help on a really annoying thing!

I have a DELL dimension T3400 with a AMD HD 6800 - it's not the most amazing setup, but since i installed the graphics card a few months back it could easily play my favourite games!

Back in December i could play Battlefield 2, LFD2, MW3, and far cry 3 easily!! (Farcry 3 had to have the graphics turned down a little)

Anyway just recently after moving house, im trying to play all the same games again - but about 10 mins in, Farcry and even LFd2 start freezin

the freeze - black screen, loss of sound, loss of of movement - 2 seconds later all returns to normal.

So instantly im thinking the graphics card is over heating. So i open up AMD overdrive turn up the fan and open GPU-Z to monitor the temps.

After recording these crashes, i can see that the temp of the GPU was only 50/60C and the gpu clock wasnt too maxed.

Now my PC is in top shape, no malware or nothing.

what could cause this problem??? and how do i test for it???

It seems like it could be memory related. I have 4GB of ram running windows 7 32bit with little to no background processes!!!!

grrrrrr how do i figure out whats going on????

I WAS playing these games 2 months ago on the SAME pc, hardly any software updates or changes!!!!

PLEASE help!!!!

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check your sata cables

loose fitting sata cables/sata power cables can make your pc slow right down, due the reduced access speeds to your virtual memory (page file) on your hard drive.

i had one like that yesterday... i opened up the pc and sorted the cable and now pc runs fine.

whatever clown designed the sata connectors needs to be sacked. they are way to flimsy

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Do you have the 375W or the 525W PSU?

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Hard drive is the most likely culprit given the symptoms.

(Bad RAM will crash/bluescreen & PSU issues will reboot w/o warning in my experience)

Use windows error correction and don't forget to tick "find and recover bad sectors"

You need to schedule the check for next reboot as the software needs access to the entire drive before windows is loaded.

It should take a few hours.

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