Just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with UB this evening. My Visa debit card has been throwing back an error message for an online transaction both directly, and when I tried to use Pay Pal. I tried logging into my online account, but Anytime Banking is down as well. Anyone hear anything?

mobpd Registered User

Itv news just reported that nat west accounts in uk are currently frozen due to tech problem

wicklowwonder Registered User

Yeah lots complaints on twitter, this might not end well. I knew I should have changed banks after the last f?ck up!

chasm Registered User

Just on TV3 news there too- UB are currently aware of the problem....hmmm

moby2101 Registered User

We've two accounts that we can't access, way to go Ulster Bank!

-2 customers 2MRO

km79 Registered User

I don't like where this is going .....

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chasm Registered User

Logged into mine about 5 minutes ago without any problems, whether that will be like that tomorrow is anyone's guess! I hope it's sorted as i can't be dealing with all that hassle again


A customer services adviser said online and telephone banking, cash withdrawals and payments had been affected.

He added that he believed a majority of UK customers had been affected.

A spokesperson said: "We are aware of the problems our customers are having - we apologise and we'll provide more information as soon as we have it."

At 2300 GMT, NatWest online banking appeared to be working again for some customers.

No reasons were given for the latest problems.


Managed to log in there alright.

After posting the thread I thought, "Nah, you're just being paranoid after the other debacle". Guess not!

MMAGirl Registered User

i had issues on the 6th and 7th.
i think they have proved once and for all that they are prone to disaster on an ongoing basis. people are only staying with them for the free fees. if t hey ever charge then people might as well just move to a reliable bank.

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