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Apon clearing out my shed in my newly purchased house/property I found a safe. It's a floor safe and incased in concrete. It's opened by a key, which I do not have. Written on the safe door is the details of the locksmith who installed it. The previous owner is deceased, so I don't know who else knows about it.

So I want to open it. But I can't decide what to do.

Easy option is to ring the locksmith and have him open it. But what about the contents of the safe? I doubt there's anything valuable in it, but there could be. The locksmith might notify the previous owners family. Or am I now the legal owner of whatever the safe contains?

I could hire a criminal to open it, but he'd want his share and probably murder me if it contained anything substantial.

Or inorder to have complete secrecy I could dig the it out, it would be a hard job. Chisel and hammer, it would take ages. And then use a angle grinder to open It, but the sparks might burn whatever is contained.

So what would you do? Any advice?

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You don't need to call the locksmith that installed it.

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Or coke and mentos.

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I doubt you need to dig it out, post a picture of the top of it and someone will let you know how to do it.

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You should be entitled to legally have the safe opened as you own the property around the safe.

So I would success contacting the safe-maker or their own next-of-kin to help in opening the safe.

The ownership and property of the contents would depend on what is actual inside? I would suggest legal documents including deeds, mortgages, wills, motor registrations aren't automatically yours.

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Thinly veiled "i have money for a new house" thread

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Son0vagun said:
inorder to have complete secrecy

I think we're past that point...

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Call me if it contains my wife's sex drive.

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Well, don't call Michael Caine anyway. Throw it off a walkover around 4am when nobodies about.

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I'm on my phone so don't know how to post a picture of it.

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You could always drill the locking mechanisim

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Post a pic of it.

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Depending on the age of the safe you could probably open it yourself.

But if it contains angered souls you may not want to. Unless you can train them, is that even possible? Can ghosts be trained? I used to think my dog couldn't be trained but now he barks on command! I love my dog. I wish I had a ghost that barked on command though! That'd be cool. Unlikely though. Maybe you could teach them to fly in circles or something. I wonder what they're like. They could be really angry about being locked in a safe. Or maybe they'd like you for letting them out. It would be mean to leave them in there and if they're from really long ago they could have cool stories. Man, I wish I had a safe.

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Peregrine Perstradamus

How to Open a Safe Without a Key

If you lost the key to your safe, there's still hope.
Many people use safes to keep their possessions protected against thieves or fires. Understandably, there may be nothing more frustrating than losing the key to your safe. However, you can open your safe without the key. You just have to be a little crafty and willing to use some "elbow grease" to get it open.
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How to Open a Lock Without a Key How to Open a Firesafe Safe Without the Key

Things You'll Need:
Paper clip

Move the safe to a table under good lighting so you can work on the lock more easily.

Use the tip of a small flathead screwdriver to insert where the key would go. Turn until the lock disengages.

Bend a paper clip until straight if the screwdriver did not work. Insert one end of the paper clip into the upper part of the keyhole. Hold it in place.

Insert your tweezers beneath the paper clip. Turn the tweezers until both paper clip and tweezers slip deeper into the lock, engaging the inner chamber. This may make a noise or feel like a solid shift.

Turn the tweezers and the paper clip counter-clockwise at the exact same time. Continue to turn until the lock disengages and pops open. Avoid locking the safe until you can find the key.

eHow. I think you can skip the table part.
If it doesn't work, resort to coke and mentos like previsouly suggested.

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Jazzmaster Registered User

Chisel and hammer,

Hire a kango. We be past that stone age s**t....

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