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Hi have anyone else started this diet ???? I've started it today. I've 3 stone to lose. It seems to be clinically proven to lose weight and reduce the risk of Breast Cancer. Would love a buddy

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NO idea what this is.


I think she could be referring to the 5:2 diet.

There's a thread about it here already. OP do a search.

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I think it differs from the normal 5 2 diet in that it isn't calorie restrictive and concentrates more on food groups and insulin.

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From THE DAY 2 DIET SITE http://www.thetwodaydiet.co.uk/faqs-and-useful-links/

This diet has proved to be more effective and successful than standard daily dieting in our clinical trials. The other 5:2 diets have not been researched or clinically investigated.


19. How does the 2 Day Diet compare with other diets?
We have compared the 2 Day Diet with a standard low calorie healthy eating diet.

The 2 day diet was superior:-

  • 65% of women were able to stick to it over 4 months compared with 40% on the daily diet
  • The 2 Day Diet was associated with lower insulin levels
  • There was also more loss of fat and a lower loss of muscle with the 2 Day Diet

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