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Here’s our question:

How much does Nescafe Azera Barista Style Instant Coffee 60g cost on Buyersclub.ie? Post your answer in this thread, the winner will be announced next week.

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RedXIV Registered User



Grahamb23 Registered User

The cost of a 60g jar of Necafe Azera is €2.49

RedXIV Registered User

The answer is €2.49




aidan.connolly Registered User


Amouar Registered User

Price is 2.49€


I'll start the ball rolling then on the off-chance I might win something!

The answer is €2.49

goldenhoarde Registered User

its 2.49

century21 Registered User




€ 2.49

Emzer Registered User

Nescafe Azera Barista Style Instant Coffee 60g

Cost €2.49

Could buy alot of coffee with €250

dak Registered User


TPD Registered User

Answers in this thread? €2.49

Filipa Registered User

I hope I'm posting in the right thread...
The price of the Nescafe Azera Barista Style Instant Coffee 60g cost on Buyersclub.ie is €2.49.


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