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Hi, my son got a Kurio 7 for Christmas. It will now not get past the Kurio screen for booting up. Don't have a receipt so can't take it back to the shop. Any ideas?

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Try contacting the manufacturer?


Following advice taken from another website, hopefully it works for you. No idea about this tablet personally though I'm afraid.

I had the same problem today on the Kurio 7. This is how I fixed it... You need to do a factory reset. Hold down the power and + button on the kurio until the tablet shuts down completely and re-starts again. You will then see a picture of a robot laid down with a warning triangle over the top. Press the + button again and you will get 4 options which you can toggle using the + and - buttons. You can try reboot option first, but that didn`t work for me. I had to restore factory settings and wipe user data options. This returns the Kurio to the original settings (but you keep all the pre-loaded software like angry birds etc.). You then have to re-do the set-up of user profile and parental settings as you did when you first turned received it new.

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