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Need advice on how to completely remove the malware (AAAwebsearch.good-results.info/) Don't whatever you do go to that site to be on the safe side I've added AAA in front of the word websearch

Anyway when I first got the bug it was changing my opening page to their own. That was easy enough to resolve by going into my internet options and renaming my home page

Next I went through the registry and removed all references to websearch that I could find it seems to have fixed the problem in IE but not so in Firefox and Firefox is my browser of choice.

What is happening here is that I open up Firefox and it opens as expected at my homepage 'Google.' However, if I go to manually open up a new tab websearch appears. It is easy enough to get rid of it just press my home page icon and I'm back to Google

I've SuperAntiSpyware, Auslogics, Registry First Aid and Microsoft Security Essentials on my computer and I've ran each of them but the software is still there. What can I do?

Riddle me this. Each time I do a scan with Auslogics it backs up my registry. Now the problem only hit me early yesterday so what if I were to use a back up from say a week ago. Will that automatically remove the likes of websearch? I'm not worried about anything else for I haven't downloaded anything of importance bar some emails.

As always your advice and help is very much appreciated.


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