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Hi girls,

Has anyone done the cooltec proceedure that's available at Th*rapie salons?
It's ment to freeze and kill fat cells in particular areas - just wondering if it works, or for how long, and how much it costs ?


lk392387 Registered User

Hey there, I've done a bit of reading up on this as I was interested in getting it done myself. Therapie clinics seem to be the only ones to do it and none of their posts on their website give a price but I did read an article in the daily mail by a reporter who tried it out and it cost 800 pounds sterling a session. That only covered an area the size of a tub of butter. Because she was having her love handles done she had to return for a second session. So unless you have the bones of 2000 euro lying about I suggest getting out there and wearing the roads out coz thats what I'll be doing and then when my love handles are gone I'll book myself a nice holiday out of the 2 grand i'll have saved and show off my new bikini figure on the beach.

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Sunny Dayz Registered User

I was lookinginto Cool-tec aswell, i'm not overweight but do have a bit of flab around the tummy & back of hips sections (post-baby flab of 8 years not shifted!). I thought I could slim them down a bit and it would make me look more toned.
However, thay have said it's €1,000 per session. I'm sure they would do discounts if you booked a few sessions.
But €1,000 !!
No thanks, I'll stick with my flab, my self-consciousness, magic knickers, clever dressing and try a bit more exercise!

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bewhiched Registered User

How does it work? Like does it last for ever? Is it gone forever? Where does the fat go? Love to try it IF it worked Jesus it would be great!!!!! Do you have to follow a special diet etc is it like a gastric band in the sense of watching what ya eat etc.


kulekat said:
Hi girls,

Has anyone done the cooltec proceedure that's available at Th*rapie salons?
It's ment to freeze and kill fat cells in particular areas - just wondering if it works, or for how long, and how much it costs ?


My friend works there. She wouldn't recommend it.

why don't you try exercising instead? Better results for longer.


Ah_Yeah said:
I wouldn't imagine it was intended to be offensive. Sure no one knows what you look like, don't take it personally. All the poster is saying is it is healthier on your body and your wallet to just exercise to shift fat instead of shelling out €500-€1,000 on a small area of fat.

I'd prefer to keep the small area of fat and spend it on something else!

Thank you!

You took my point in the spirit it was intended.

willywolly Registered User

Pippy1976 said:
To reiterate, it wasn't mean to be offensive.

My friend is a therapist in Th*rapie. She had the procedure done so as a staff member she could speak knowledgeably about it. She didn't find it at all useful, way too expensive and you need repeat treatments - so she found it not great at all. Also, she said it was uncomfortable.

It's not rumours. That is fact. From the horses mouth.

Hi im booked in to get this treatment done but im starting to have second thoughts now. Did your friend say that she saw results in getting done ?

Would love some more feedback.


fatfad Registered User

I have booked in for cooltec also, has anyone had it done? If so have you seen results?

Papillon8 Registered User

Don't waste your money. I had it done and it didn't work, no change whatsoever. I did everything by the book, diet, lots of water, exercise, and I didn't lose an inch. My before and after photo was exactly the same!! What a waste of 550euro!!

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taztruth Registered User

Hi 00,

I just got the Cooltech done in Athlone.

I firstly went over for my consultation. I did not have a clue what 2 expect and could not find any previews online.

When I went in for consultation I found the lady in there was extremely pushy and started trying to sell me creams, pills etc that would contribute to the fat loss. As if its not expensive enuf!! They then bought me into a room and examined me to see was I a suitable candidate. SUPRPISE ..of course I was. I had to remind the girl that was examining me to do the fat test on me. She told me she was going to do this before she bought me in but had forgotten after she compiled other tests on me. I thought it very unprofessional!! Overall the staff were very dismissive and not very customer friendly.

However I decided to go ahead with the procedure. It was very uncomfortable. I was not expecting that. I am bruised and sore still. I don't want to give date I was there as I have to go back for another consultation. Its very early days yet so I have not got results yet.

They also say that they take before and after pictures . I thought it very strange that the lady took pictures of me after the procedure..these are supposed to be my before pictures??? As you can imagine I felt bloated and swollen after the machine was removed so obviously when she takes pictures of me in a few weeks I will look slimmer anyhow!!

Also on the videos I looked at online everyone got cream put on the area after the machines were removed..I didn't!

The service I was not happy with at all. Hopefully the results will be better. I will post again in a few weeks and keep you updated. Hope this helps

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Tiddlypeeps Registered User

That sounds awful! Why would you go back when they treated you so badly and are blatantly trying to cover there asses for when the procedure inevitably has little to no results?

Papillon8 Registered User

Well I'm not a bit surprised how you were treated at your consoltation, It was exactly the same with me, a lot of sales talk and not enough attention to why I I there. It's been over three months since I had my treatment done and I'm still waiting for results. I really think Cool-Tec is a complete waste of time and money. I wonder do we have comeback?? 550 Euro is a lot of money to spend on something that clearly does not work!! It will be interesting to see how you get on with your results!! Keep us posted!


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taztruth Registered User

Hi Tiddlypeeps,

The reason I went back is because I am so desperate to get rid of my stomach, I wud try anything. I am unsure of your situation but if you ask anyone who is so conscious about how they look, they will 99% of the time try anything, even cooltech!! Also I was not aware of the bad results as I had previously googled previews and only got positive feedback (maybe that was cooltech themselves posting) I only recently came across this page.

Yes Papillon8 I will keep you posted.

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Molly17 Registered User

Had it done 10 days ago. Waiting to see results. Will keep ye posted.

clarabellabee Registered User

Molly 17 did you see any results?

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