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Hi All,

Would really appreciate some help with this issue, been trying a multitude of options without success. I live in a rural area, literally a broadband blackspot/bermuda triangle, 7km from any exchange in 3 directions.

So recently we switched to satellite, which is excellent and i'm very happy with it. The issue is my home network.

Previously the setup was this;

Broadband enable line (Downstairs) > Draytek ADSL router > Powerline Ethernet plug > Netgear router (upstairs and in bridge mode) > Wireless printer.

So i could print to the printer upstairs from anywhere in the house. I could also access the net upstairs via the ethernet cable plugged directly into the router.


If you're still reading, thank you!

The satellite modem were now using is like DSL. The problem is, it has an 8GB cap. I don't want to install usage trackers on all devices, so i want the router connected to the satellite modem to do this. Of the 2 routers i have, only the Draytek (ADSL) has this functionality, not the Netgear (DSL).

The draytek has a bridge mode also.

So is there anyway i can configure the Draytek so that i can use it as the gateway to the internet, through the satellite modem, while allowing other devices to connect to it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Edit - I realise i'm stretching here with ADSL/DSL, but the Draytek was €120 and i'm trying to get some use out of it! Any questions, i should be able to field quickly.

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