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Looks like this series is really stepping up it's game, literally.

There've been threads here about TLS and TLS2, both being simple flash games, then there was TLS3 which was more an open exploration mini RPG in the style of the previous two mini-games...

Now there's TLS: Dead Zone, an MMORPG - Gotta say the creators have done pretty well for themselves, going from FTP Flash games to "Pay 2 Win" MMORPG.

If you're not sure what I'm on about, make yourself an Armor Games account (If you haven't already) then check it out:
The last Stand: Dead Zone.

Not sure if this has been discussed here before but figured I'd open a thread anyway in the event I'm not the only Boards member who's busting their ass trying to fortify their little encampment, or having a blast scavenging through the city, blowing zeds up with shotties or thwacking them with a hefty pipe with my little bunch of survivors.

For all I know I'm probably WAY late to the party - Either way, post in this thread if you're playing it, or interested in playing it.

Uploaded a small video to YouTube of one of my scavenging runs through a Supermarket in a nearby area with three survivors. Scavenging is part of the gameplay, the majority of it is fort-building in preparation for zombie attacks or even assault from rival survivor groups (player raids).

Liking the general concept and the gameplay is addictive albeit slightly buggy at times and especially unhappy with the moderate server crashes - But those are expected when the game is in Beta.

Boardsies up those doors and windows with..
Zulu - VictorZulu
Jugger (TBC)
degrassinoel - Sprucelee

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Kromdar Registered User

i'd be interested in giving this a look over. i enjoyed the series so far.
kinda busy trying my hand at day-z [i'm very late to that party...

RiderOnTheStorm Registered User

looks good .... I am in .... Say Hello To Cuban George !!

RopeDrink SpamBlammer 2000 ™

Sorry about the movie quality - It doesn't do the game justice and only shows a tiny part of the game.

This game has me absolutely hooked - I have to get my fort up to scratch within 5days (After a 6day period other players can then choose to attack you, which is obviously worse than crappy AI Zombie Horde attacks which are generally easy to stomp).

Working towards attracting my 5th survivor which makes a team of six. So far I've my two original survivors and my main character as the high level crack troop for deeper scavanging while I use the two latest members to raid all the nearby spots for easy materials and pass the time during construction. Trips that take longer than 5mins to 'return' from can't be speed-returned so you have to wait out the 10-15-20-25-30+ min timer (At least until the 5min mark, then you can drive them home) so having a spare team for smaller instant-return raids really passes the time nicely and gets you some stock to recycle or build with.

Almost level 8 on the main character and I think my fort is nearing level 5-6, not sure.

Either way this game is hella addictive even if you decide not to 'pay' for anything - Give it a go!

I'll probably upload more movies in the future and will try stop it from 'stretching' - Seems FRAPS doesn't record this very well.

jugger Registered User

i am waiting on the comfirmation email its been ten min already

whats the email address you get your verification from soi can check my blocked list

degrassinoel Assume the position

that looks like a laugh, will give it a blast as soon as i can Nice one!

RopeDrink SpamBlammer 2000 ™

jugger said:
i am waiting on the comfirmation email its been ten min already

whats the email address you get your verification from soi can check my blocked list

I assume you mean ArmorGames, so check for AG or ArmorGames or anything along those lines. Shouldn't take 10seconds, nevermind 10minutes.

@Degrassinoel: It's definately good fun.

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RiderOnTheStorm Registered User

I have only got my main char and 1 other survivor. Any tips on how to get another 1 or 2 survivors? I have increased food & water production, and increased beds avail .......

Kromdar Registered User

think you have to have a positive morale. i remember a game [possibly flash game] where the better your base is, the more people would turn up. i think it had to do with overall happiness.
the game was reclaim, i think.

anyway is there a way to team up with ohter boardsies? i'm alright holding my own turf but if we could all use the same compound that'd be cool.

RiderOnTheStorm Registered User

I am in Riverside North ..... only a couple of compunds from the north edge of the map ....

RopeDrink SpamBlammer 2000 ™

@Rider You're practically right next door to me, Riverside North is one block left of where I am as far as I'm aware.

If you want to see how to attract more survivors, click the blue bar at the top of the HUD, it'll list your 'progress' towards attracting a new member - It'll always be the same, though. You'll need to be able to stock X amount of food & water, X amount of 'comfort', X amount of Morale and X amount of Security.

In short, as long as you are progressing your base, you will attract survivors naturally in time - Everytime you get a new survivor the requirements to attract another get steeper, so you'll forever need to keep upgrading your base to achieve this (No slouching). Though if you want to speed up the process and be very deliberate about it then watch the blue bar and build/upgrade whatever it takes to fill the bar accordingly. You won't attract survivors when they're comfortable but you build more beds instead of increasing your food storage when they're crying for food

If for example you have everything maxed except, say, Food Storage, just looting food may not always be enough - You'll need to expand your Food storage to hold enough food to fill the progress to the very top (You can't hold more food/water/ammo/materials than you can physically store, keep that in mind).

@Kromdar You can't team up with people though you can trade and assist friends with their buildings (I think I recognize your name, I've been spam helping you and many others hoping they'd return the favour as my buildings and upgrades now go on for 5-24hrs).

Here's another vid of me defending my mediocre base from a level 10-11 Horde (Random encounter vs my Compound).

Remember to keep looting weapons/gear and defense weapons/gear seperate for your characters. Its no good defending your base with scavenger gloves and a pen knife when you can do it with an ammo bag and an assault rifle from behind a bunker

The game is extremely simple yet goes about it in a pretty complex way which makes it hella addictive.

RiderOnTheStorm Registered User

thats good to know RopeDrink ......

I got my 3rd survivor now ..... all I got to do now is keep everyone fed & happy!

If its not a stupid question , is it more dangerous to go searching the houses / streets at night?

RopeDrink SpamBlammer 2000 ™

As far as I'm aware the day/night thing doesn't effect anything other than making things hard to see. It'll probably be more an issue when players raid you rather than zombies, seeing as they can cover behind your buildings, move where they want, need to disarm your traps and loot your storage etc etc

That would be a LOT easier if they raided during the night - Raiding during the day leaves you in plain sight - You can build floodlights as part of your security but they only partially light up one direction so players will still find sneaky ways to get around.

Zulu Registered User

Right, you've suckered me into this rightly now! (Victor Zulu is my name on it)

@Ropedrink: can you only upgrade weapons by spending fuel? I have the weapons bench etc, but it seems I need to spend fuel to upgrade - is that right?

RopeDrink SpamBlammer 2000 ™

Yes that's right - Upgrading only brings the weapon up one level - DO NOT DO THIS AT LOWER LEVELS - There is literally no reason to waste fuel when you can loot and scavenge plenty of weapons to kit out your lowbie team who can get away with anything from simple Hammers or Lead Pipes.

It's when you get medium/higher level where you'd rather upgrade a rare or unique item to bring it's level higher rather than loot around hoping to find something suitable for your specialization thats a higher level than what you have. Either way, as the items level is higher so do the upgrade costs - I have not upgraded ONE SINGLE WEAPON in my 4 days of playing and I don't see myself ever doing it. A level 12 unique/rare item costs about 125 fuel just to push to level 13, it's just not worth it.

Save your fuel - Only use it to craft a few items you feel will boost you well - Do not use it to clear junk or speed up construction, or level up low level items or weapons, it's simply NOT worth it.

Fuel is oh so hard to find in the game - Once you clear out all your junk in the compound (They tend to contain 1-5 fuel each except the really small junk piles) you have to 'find' it in the city and they aren't found often. The only other source is by paying real money.

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