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Reddit is brilliant, especially the atheism, wtf, TIL and IAMA sub reddits.

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Boards gets very repetitive, I mean here is the last thread on Reddit

Reddit is brill imo, moderation is a lot less heavy handed which I prefer. Took me a bit of getting used to it as well OP! TIL is a great subreddit.

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r/circlejerk is pretty lulzy. And accurate.

Also sticking "le" in front of everything isn't funny.

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biko said:
It's like boards, but crap.

Mate, don't hate. Reddit has it's benefits where boards does not. The free flow nature of it is refreshing some times and like boards it has it's own trolls also, some being fire retardant like certain ones on boards also.

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/r/bestof is a great way to keep track of all the good stuff going on, without drowning in cat pictures.

/r/truereddit has all the interesting articles, insightful comments and intelligent debate that reddit was known for before Digg imploded and took the rest of the site over.

Lately /r/tifu has been the stand out subreddit for me, with very funny posts along with the single best counter on the internet.

/r/Ireland can be good at times, just make sure to bring your pocket fish.

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omahaid said:
Boards gets very repetitive, I mean here is the last thread on Reddit

Reddit is brill imo, moderation is a lot less heavy handed which I prefer. Took me a bit of getting used to it as well OP! TIL is a great subreddit.

Boards is sooooo repetitive! I mean, how long ago was there a "interesting facts" thread. Not too long ago! Same with the best username. Same thing over and over. I don't know how guys who are posting here for 10 years stick it!

A reason why zombie threads are locked are that of they weren't the posters who originally posted in the first thread wouldn't post in the new one! The excuse of "the posters view may have changed" doesn't cut as threads like "What height are you?" are locked.

Boards would then die out and the owners wouldn't get money.

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Tar.Aldarion /flails limbs

Reddit is awesome because of the good stuff always going to the top/comments/posts and you can filter what you are interested in really easily. Boards has more community but reddit is more interesting reading. If I want to go read something interesting/funny fast I go to reddit, it makes me laugh all day long. There is a lot of crap but you can downvote it/hide it with a click.

It's extremely easy to get around, has a forum for everything you could possibly be interested in with good content and RES is amazing

It gets a lot of good done like this
Actually gets some amazing things done for charity and helping people etc.

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Love reddit. Finding it a lot better than round here. Probably spend about 60% of the time I would have spent on boards over there now.

If you're getting an app, get the alien blue one instea of the official one. It's a lot better.

Biggins Banned

Its a confusing layout system.
A mess.

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I love Reddit, but there's so much on it I don't really know where to start, and end up on the same pages the whole time - AskReddit, Funny, WTF...and then Aww, to rid myself of the WTF nightmares.

Apparently there are some seriously f**ked up threads on it though, I think someone posted here about the guy who got exposed on it before?

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Zascar Moderator

Reddit is good but I don't have the patience to browse it all looking for good stuff. I like for browsing images.

I also really like - it's a basic questions and answers site, but the answers are really good, often from official or very qualified people on the subjects at hand. Best of all there is none of the your ma, blast it with piss etc.

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Biggins Banned

im invisible said:

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the_syco said:
If you think Boards is bad, don't google lemon party - it makes boards look good!

FFS what else am I going to do now you've mentioned it.

Edit: I saw related searches and left that well alone

Ponster Moderator

Some of the 'forums' I'm I'm subscribed to are:

You just need to install the RES as Tar mentioned and then pick and choose the topics that interest you. The format makes a lot more sense when you've done this. For an unregistered first-time user the Front Page just looks like a lot like AfterHours and so can easily give you a bad impression of the rest of the site.

While it is a BBS, I don't really think you can compare it to and say that one is better than the other.

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