oflynno Registered User

What is the best glue/adhesive to use?

I wanna stick hardwood timber decking to a plywood step surrounding a bath.

I think that trying to drill and screw each one would be too messy.
There are numerous brands out there Gripfill, Stixlikesh*t , Gorilla glue.

Any idea what is best to use?
There will be moisture involved in the long run

galwaydude18 Registered User

A pu wood glue would be the best to use

DaCor Registered User

best off asking this in the woodwork forum

Davy Category Moderator

Ever build in yellow bottle or evo stik in a green bottle are fine.

You could put a few oval nails, or even panel pins to keep it in place


If there's a chance of moisture you could use the Evo Stik Resin W (blue bottle) exterior wood glue.

As with any glue read the label to make sure it suits the application though.

fergal.b Moderator

Epoxy resin, believe me I trust my life in it and the bond is stronger than the wood it's self.

Here is two lengths of 8' x 1/4" butt jointed with it to make one sheet.

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oflynno Registered User

Thanks for that.

I will sort through the recommendations and see what will work.

Epoxy Resin sounds good.

Where is the best place to get that?
Builders providers or the likes of CH Marine in Cork?

fergal.b Moderator

Yep ch marine will have it and you can also get small amounts in woodies, B&Q and so on where it comes in what looks like a double barrelled syringe.


oflynno Registered User

Thanx again, I will need a bucket I think,I want to make sure they stay on the step around the bath

aujopimur Registered User

Cascomite, it comes in powder form and mixed with water, nothing will shift it when it dries.

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