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I am trying to transfer money to an account in Portugal (holiday apartment booking deposit)
They gave me account number name and bank name. Its not workin though as Ulster Bank online want IBAN and SWIFT BIC numbers. If i go into branch will it be the same?

looksee Moderator

Yes, though I found out that since last autumn Bank of Ireland won't transfer less than €3000 in a transaction. Ulsterbank might be the same.

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You'll need IBAN & BIC. Looksee, I think the €3,000 refers to in branch only possibly as I have done smaller transfer online internationally.

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srsly78 Registered User

You can generate the IBAN number from the account+sortcode+country.

Here you go:

As the poster above stated, there is no problem doing small international trransfers via online banking.

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km79 Registered User

Sorted thanks. Worked online fine when I got the correct info

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