peter o reilly Registered User

zabala side by side 20 gauge for sale in good condition i will throw in 3 boxes of cartridges as well on deal well looked after gun .Would be ideal for someones first shotgun.200 euro all in.

tonytoc11 Registered User

What length are the barrels?

Tommy87 Registered User

What part of the country are you?

peter o reilly Registered User

28 inch i think and i am in arklow county wicklow

skinnylizzy Registered User

Hi. I've been looking for a 20g. Is it a light gun? Is it tight? Do you know the exact model it is? And how old? I want it for some clay shooting. I want to bring a few people up to the club with me and my Lanber is quite heavy and will probably knock the shoulder off them. Is it any use for clays? It'll be used for probably 25 clays every so often. Not heavy use by any stretch of the imagination. Very interested. Cheers.

peter o reilly Registered User

its a very light gun with fixed chokes and it is non ejector .It is a starter gun really it was my fathers who died and i licenced it.I THINK ITS ABOUT FOUR YEARS OLD

peter o reilly Registered User

gun is now sold

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