BenEadir Registered User

Hi all,

I got a text message which asked me to log onto to find out sho sent me flowers

I'm 99% sure this is a complete scam but curious to understand what could happen if I do click on the link via my phone or laptop browser? Could it install something just by me entering the URL address or is it more likely to be some sort of scam asking me to confirm my account/credit card details in order for the flowers to be delivered or something similar????


Victor Registered User

Do not click on it - it could be anything. We don't know what it is and won't be clicking on it.

nucker Registered User

Erm, if you think its a scam then don't click it, and neither should anyone try

BenEadir Registered User

I didn't express myslef well earlier. I'm just wondering "can" you do harm by just clicking on a URL? Once on the URL would you not have to do something else in order to download a virus etc or can the act of simply clicking on the URL do damage?

That's what I really want to know. I've no intention of clicking on the link anyway but just for my own reference going forward.



Victor Registered User

BenThere said:
I'm just wondering "can" you do harm by just clicking on a URL?
Potentially yes, depending on the link.

nucker Registered User

You can do harm to your computer by even clicking on any link

ZENER Registered User

It redirects a few times and ends up at

Here's what it downloads:,143894,143954,&sourceMasterAd=false&preview_graphic_id=&preview_roadblock_id=&ord=6225434935186058

Used a Mac to access it


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