cazzak79 Registered User

Think il have to take a trip to Wexford for some gold lol ha seemed to have found some there worth millions


They've a big argos down there alright.

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kneemos Registered User

It's purple and gold baby.

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MadYaker Registered User

Linky to proof?

castletownman Registered User

I hears theys have so much gold that theys damn near don know what to do with it. I'ms heading down Wexford way to haves me a look

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Access Denied Registered User

>>>>>>gone with me shovel>>>>>>

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cazzak79 Registered User

Sorry couldn't get the link up
Somebody has so thanks

Newaglish Registered User

They found it all in the teeth of local wexford people

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Ah Wexford... Strawberries, Gold and Travelers!

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MayoForSam Registered User

I heard a spokesman on about this on the radio this morning, he reckons the yield could be 11oz (330g) per tonne, at today's prices this is nearly $19000 or €14000 per tonne! I find this figure hard to believe as another find in Clontibret only had an estimated yield of 1.5g per tonne.

If true, do you think the sheiks might buy Wexford off us altogether and pay off the national debt?

Or is all this just because that part of the country has a higher than normal population of leprachauns?

SEPT 23 1989 Registered User

Its hidden under a "Big T"

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padd b1975 Registered User

So thats where Tomas Gear has been hiding.

I Kill You Scum! Registered User

Going by the picture they found gold bars in neat stacks, so it should be very handy to mine and transport.

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Sky King Registered User

That article is 2 months old.

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