Gordy6040 Registered User

Hiya Guys and Gals

What do you reckon on these 2, they are both the same price.
Kona Tanuki
Giant Trance X3

I reckon the parts on the Giant have the edge but the forks on the Kona are way better, both companys make good frames so no worries about quality.
Also , both available from my LBS which is important to me as well.

Anyway, too close for me to call, what do you reckon?

C3PO Registered User

As you say very little in it! For some reason Konas are not really that popular here and the Giant will be an easier sell when you want out of it! Apart from that I'd go with the one that you like the look of and can get the best deal!

Gordy6040 Registered User

Yeah, good advice, they dont look like they'd ride that different either.

CramCycle A wholly unreasonable man

Kona looks nicer, less of them around, and as you said better forks.

IMo but go with what you want

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Tomred13 Registered User

Hi Gordy

Id go for the Kona hands down. ive had 3 kona's over the years and they make a deadly bike, i race a kula supreme and ive never had any issues. alot of the downhillers seem to prefer kona's too because of the geometery of the frame.

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Holyboy Registered User

Damn....I thought Kona (the boardsie) was going to fight a giant but alas this is not the case

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dancecatz2000 Registered User

Iv had a load of kona bikes at the min I'm riding a kona hei hei with xtr and American Classic wheelset lovely light bike, if I had the money to change I'd get a Giant 29er as they ride so well, Giant are such a big company they have a large RD department, they bring out a new design that everybody else copys it the next year,

Tenzor07 Registered User

Much prefer the Giant Maestro suspension system, more refined than Kona's old design...

Gordy6040 Registered User

Thanks for the replys guys. I'll give them both a spin and see what feels best. After that its gonna come down to looks.....much as it pains me to say it.

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