hi all, thanks for reading.

trying to set up an excell sheet for food.

what im trying to do is when i type in eggs for example, i want excell to auto fill the stats below, for carbs, protiens, fats ect.

i know ive to progam it somehow, but how. if i set up all the foods im using on the next sheet, can i program excell to auto the data as i type rather than adding all the data every time.

so as soon as i type, eggs, all the fields below at filled in at the same time.

cheers for any help. using ms office 2007.

oxysept Registered User

Vlookup or Hlookup function formal my help


oxysept said:
Vlookup or Hlookup function formal my help

had a look at vlookup erlier, dont think itd whats im after.
i want it to auto populate the 5 cells below.

thanks for the help tho. im going to look into hlookup now.

frogstar Registered User

Would an IF formula work?

So for the blank cells you want filled you will enter an if formula. So it is if cell equals eggs, return cell b (on second sheet) You will obviously have a number of variables (can enter as many as you like for say eggs, milk etc) to enter and will have to input the if formula on each cell (5)

Not explained very well but if you start the formula excel should guide the data

onimpulse Registered User

I'd try the "if" statement first but if that doesn't work ie you have too many nested if statements / egg is only one option of 10+ then...

try using an index function combined with a match function. ( match inside the index function).

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