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We've setup an online radio station to promote Irish health charities and events. The station is non-profit, we don't charge anything for promoting the charities, we ask the charities to publicise the station if possible.. everybody wins.

We're looking for people to join us and help keep the twitter feed updated, reach out to charities, update the website, record a few audio promos/voiceovers etc. Nobody gets paid but there's kudos and (occasionally) lollipops!

If you'd like to get involved, email

Have a great day!

PS. Mods, this is posted in the Volunteerism thread also, hope that doesn't cause problems.

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Is this the same crew that ran a pirate station back in the early 90s ?, there was a radio active on 100.9 Fm in Dublin city centre way back then and was most interesting.

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The station at is not related to the Dublin pirate from 1992-1996, is from the same people that were on back in the 90's playing similar music and political views, it restarted in September 2012 after the 20 year reunion of the old station.

They are always looking for DJs/Presenters who have an Alternative music or left field outlook, they can be contacted at


was good to talk to one of your members at the GGI fest 2013 last weekend , it was a blast and hope to hold similar events in the future

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