jamo2oo9 Registered User

Anyone know when is this normally released? Really anxious to know when it ends..

Bazinga_N Registered User

The Junior Cert dates come out around mid-December so I assume the Leaving Cert dates are the same

jamo2oo9 Registered User

That long? I thought it would've been out a lot sooner

laurakilleen Registered User

The timetable never really has major differences so I'd say look at last years and then take away a day since ours starts on the 5th not the 6th

jamo2oo9 Registered User

Yeah but I'd like to get a confirmation of when it ends, planning on going to France straight after the Leaving but I can't book the ferry yet..

laurakilleen Registered User

ahh i see. Check the examinations.ie website. I think there is a date up but I'm not sure

jamo2oo9 Registered User

Cheers Laura!


I'm pretty sure the last exams will be on Friday 21st June, if it help.

spurious Category Moderator

The timetables are usually out the second or third week in December.

kingcobra Registered User

Yup the exams will definitely end on the 21st of June as per the website...http://www.examinations.ie/index.php?l=en&mc=ex&sc=ej

kingcobra Registered User

The time table has been released: http://www.examinations.ie/exam/2013_LC_Written_EV.pdf

Mine is alright i suppose...my 18th comes right in the middle of it so plans shall be in order for the 19th, my last day!

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Peregrine I can't believe I ate the whole thing

The time tables seem consistent every year..I'm only in 5th year but I've just realised that my choice of subjects mean I have a very nice time table. Always only one paper in one day

LostBoy101 Registered User

Good thing I have a nice gap for my Economics exam.

spurious Category Moderator

I see they didn't make the mistake they did last year of thnking that none of those doing Russian would also be doing Irish.

Leahxo Registered User

Not finished until the 21st with Applied Maths Still, love the 5 day gap between French and Physics, and the 4 day gap between Physics & Applied Maths.

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