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Hi all,
having a problem with my dipped lights in my wonderful 405.

Full beams are spot on - dips are brutal. Two fireflies in a jam jar would be better.

New Bosch bulbs gone in just in case and no change.
From what i've researched it sounds like it could be the dip/lights relay?
Am i correct in thinking as you look out over the bonnet from the wheel, these relays are in a black aquare box on the right hand side?!

Anyone any experience with these?

Any advice greatly appreciated folks, thanks.

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pm/post the chassis number and i'll see what i can find...
also make sure all earths are good.

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O.k...i have attached a few electrical drawings of the low/main beam lights on a 405...
The low/main beam relays are in around the bulkhead area..See 2400A &
2400B in diagram 2...these are the relays you need to check.
maybe swap them around and see if the fault goes from the low beam to the high beam.

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