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Hi, I am looking for anyone with any information on the keogh family @ the 1900's in Dublin. I have already done a huge amount of research over the years so now I just need to fill in a few gaps.
At the moment I am concentrating on Matthew Keogh B: 1878, in Dublin to James Keogh & Catherine O'Reilly. They lived in High Street for a time, the family eventually moved to Ross road. But matthew went on to live in Vance's Building & then on to Wellington Street Lower where he dies in 1934. He married a Harriett Taylor.
So Basically I would love to know a bit more about the family & if any are still out there.

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I am related to a family of Keoghs who lived in Townsend Street Dublin. They were Thomas Keogh (father) and Mary (mother) and they had two children, Michael and Thomas Junior. The father died in 1911 and the mother in 1933. They had a shop of some sort in Townsend St.
I'd be very interested if anyone has any information about what happened to the family, or if any descendants are living.

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Hi Carlow, I have stumbled across this post while researching my family history also. I am a granddaughter of the Thomas Keogh Junior you mention in your post from last April. I’m very interested in learning more about our extended family and would be more than happy to share the information we have about the family.

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Hi. This is amazing! Never expected to get a response to that post! that's why I'm only seeing it now, sorry about that. That branch of the family have been a bit of a missing link all my life, so I would be very interested to make Contact. I'm not sure if I can give my email address on this site, but it is:
I would love to hear from you and I have a lot of information.

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Carlow: please pm the user. I've removed your email address from the post.

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I don't know how to do that. Can you help please?

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Carlow said:
I don't know how to do that. Can you help please?

Click once on the person's username on the left hand side of the screen. This should open a drop down menu, one option of which is 'Send a private message to....'. Click that.

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