Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel
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super_furry Registered User

It's good but it's no Farming Simulator 2011!

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bizmark Registered User

That doesnt look to bad tbh think i might give it a try.

*edit* just tryed it and It doesnt suck if your into that sort of thing

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

Ya management type games ive gotten into lately,did you buy it or just try the demo?

bizmark Registered User

I just did the trial which seems to be a fully operating version of the game bar some features which i haven't run into yet.Its fun enough find myself going back to it on and off i played the first one and this is a huge improvement over it the mouse steering is accurate if you dont have a steering wheel which i dont the management gives a sence of doing something rather than just drive around and the graphics are much much better with more interesting enviorments all in all a decend game maybe because i spent a large amount of my younger days in a truck with my dad though so defiantly not for everyone

Duggy747 Registered User

I'm hungover today so this game was surprisingly relaxing to play. Haven't properly set it up with a controller since I'm playing it on the laptop rather than the desktop but I'm liking it so far.

Dcully Moderator

Played this a few weeks back and was surprised how much i enjoyed it.
Hooked up my G25 wheel and H shifter gear stick,makes a huge difference.

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

Played the demo,really enjoyed it,I can't believe I'm thinking of buying a steering wheel for this as well as forking out for the full game

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

brought the full game

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Mal-Adjusted Registered User

isn't it from the makers of fork-lift Simulator and Airport firefighter sim?

K.O.Kiki Registered User

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Tea_Bag Registered User

got the game

its great craic! Little help needed though. ive bought a second truck and hired a driver, but how the hell do i get him to take jobs?

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

would it be worth forking out for a steering for this alone do ye think or would I be mad?

Chavways Registered User

Farming and Dubstep together.Can't beat it.

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Lol,haven't got past the tutorial yet. Have desktop connected to tv in the sitting room and sitting too far back to be able to read the tutorial text.Seems like a good game to throw on for an hour or so every now and then.

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