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Hey, just wondering if anyone knows exactly how this is done? Our standard key is a WPA2 on the back of the router (can't remember the model, it's a shiny white one with red icons on the front of it, made by Vodafone themselves I think).

Anyway, long story short, there are neighbors currently using it and it's slowing us down big time, so I want to change the key. I've looked it up online and I can't see a thing on doing it, in fact I'm almost convinced it's not possible at this stage. All the Vodafone FAQ says is how to find your key on the back of the router. I went into and all, and there's pretty much nothing there on changing the key, so I'm a little stumped.

Any ideas?

bonzodog2 Registered User

Assuming its the Huawei HG556a, go to, enter user/pass as vodafone for both.
Click 'wifi' on the left and there is a field labeled Password (Ascii) where you can enter the key

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