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Hi, has anyone used these drops, my sister in law has bought them and I've been trying to convince her that it's a con, basically you take these "herbal" drops and eat 500 calories a day which is ridiculous it's starvation at best. Has anyone any opinions on it?

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You have said your piece, some people only learn the hard way.

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Hanley Banned


Eat 500kcal a day and it's the secret diet drops helping the weight loss? Hmmmm.

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Hanley said:

Eat 500kcal a day and it's the secret diet drops helping the weight loss? Hmmmm.

My thoughts exactly!!! It is all sold through Facebook and it's like some kind of secret group where they share how much weight they have lost with thousands of followers!!!! It's a joke.... anyone restricting themselves to 500 cal a day will definitelt loose weight but no one seems to care about the side effects

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500 calories a day

Maybe you could show her this thread from a few days ago about Celebrity Slim, a different but also very low calorie diet, where the poster thought she was going to pass out and was very frightened as a result?

Or this article which states among other things:

In 1995, the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published an analysis of research showing no benefit of hCG in promoting weight loss. A December 2009 position paper of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians concluded they did not recommend hCG as a weight loss aid.

AFAIK 'secret diet drops' claim to be a herbal alternative to hCG.

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Thanks Hollypink.... I just don't understand these people looking for a quick fix, like come on 500kcal would bearly keep the brain functioning!!!

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Ah I do understand someone looking for a quick fix; I'd have gone for the quick fix myself earlier this year if I'd thought there was one that actually worked! Losing weight the 'right' way is slow; if you have a lot of weight to lose, it must seem like a neverending uphill climb, and if you put a foot wrong you slide right back to the bottom. So when a snakeoil salesman promises rapid weight loss, it's understandable that there will be people who will fall for it. It's depressing though

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Well yes I can understand it but it's just so frustrating all these fad diets one after the other and while in the short term the results seem great but when you can't maintain the weight loss it becomes more and more depressing watching the weight quickly reappear

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It is a con, and a blatant one too. One irony is that the supposedly fast weight loss isn't actually that fast at all. Because a few weeks of the very low-calorie diet screws up your metabolism, you basically stop losing weight after a bit and have to go back to a "maintenance" diet of about 1000-1800 calories for a couple of months.

Here's how the schedule breaks down...
- 2 days "loading", on which you gain 2-4lb. (This is a carryover from the hCG injection plan, even though it makes no sense with their "supplement")
- 1lb a day loss for 46 days.
- six weeks (42 days) "maintenance", rising from 800 to about 1800 calories a day over that period.
- repeat, but second time around you do eight weeks "maintenance".

If, as a best case scenario, what Secret Diet Drops Ltd claims was true, and you got 1lb a day loss for 46 days on both "diet" phases (you wouldn't, they're talking rot), that works out at 86 pounds loss in 28 weeks. Bearing in mind that if you're that overweight to begin with, you're going to lose weight really fast to start anyway, that is not actually very impressive. I lost 8 stone a few years ago, eating a sensible 1200 cals a day and doing a bit of exercise - and looking at my progress chart, I lost my first 86 pounds in exactly the same time. And all without giving a single penny to blatant con artists. Which is what they are.

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JemmaB, do you have a copy of this 1,200 calorie diet. Looking for same but not sure which one is reliable. Thanks

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I have spoken to a qualified nutritionist, and a trainer and they have rubbished this diet completely. Unfortunately it fits into the group of dieters who really want a quick fix... which I never understand because if you can put your body through just 500 calories a day you just have no respect for your health in the first place and as long as that is the case you will always have problems with your weight. The cosmetic clinic in Donnybrook, Donnybrook Cosmetic and Wellness clinic are doing it, but they have been cautioned you can find it online for creating false expectations. Experts are dubious that any of it works but certainly not the drops.... the injections are the only thing properly clinically tested . Anyone eating 500 calories will lose weight, save your money and dont be preyed on please!!!!

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The drops are nothing more than an expensive multivitamin......... The absurd eating plan is what makes you lose weight (more likely muscle than any fat!) and the minute you stop you will pile on the pounds and lose all motivation.

Eat, but eat properly and exercise as much as you need to for your body.

I don't know why people are looking for a simple and effective way for weight loss, the most obvious one exists already! It just takes work.

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