Yeah, I can't believe I'm starting a thread like this either but this is actually true.

This October Pornhub are donating 1 cent for every 30 videos watched from their "small tit" and "big tit" categories to breast cancer research.


Not gonna lie, it's probably the most inventive charity campaign yet!

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Im gonna win an award for humanitarian efforts ?


Ah come on now.

NegativeCreep Registered User

Well this has cured my post-wank blues nicely

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Cee-Jay-Cee Registered User

the keen edge said:
Ah come on now.

A cent per 30 videos. I'm going to donate €10.00

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Mr. Rager Registered User

I'm gonna be a cúnt and keep watching Ebony

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jamezy Registered User

Time to do my part for Breast Cancer....

Tombi! Registered User

What you don't know is that you'll be seeing "flyswatter loves the small/big boobs" on your Facebook wall

FearDark Banned

I'm just off to do my bit for charity so.

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CruelCoin Registered User

Gonna print that announcement out and post to my local bishop.

"lookie here: masturbation is a force for good too!"


Very clever because let's face it, it's gonna take a hell of a long time to get off watching a naked anorexic ferret being tenderised or a naked fat ugly pig wallowing in her own natural filth...

Dravokivich Registered User

Damn.... already 7 days down. Gonna have to make up for that so.

Duggy747 Registered User

Great publicity, nice chunk of money towards charity, lot's of boobs, and everyone gets to have a wank.

Now that's MY type of donation!

Dravokivich Registered User

Ah sure, we may as well donate sperm while we're at it too.

2 for 1 like.

Any donation centres getting in on this action as well?

Ficheall Registered User

Well, they're at about 6k so far it seems. No mention of the actual charity being donated to, though.

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