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We've all seen it I'm sure.
You go on, pick an item, proceed to checkout.
You get a message telling you there's a problem with your order.
It turns out the problem is Amazon can't deliver to your address.

I'm seeing this more and more lately, does anyone know what exactly is wrong with an Irish address? Is there any trick with the address that will improve my chances of getting something delivered to Ireland.

Also, the other day I was buying an item and I ran into this problem. I was buying from the store on Amazon.
But I don't understand why they don't deliver to Ireland, as I simply went to their own website and purchased the item there with no problems??

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Make sure you're buying it directly from Amazon rather a third party seller, i.e. make sure it says "" in the highlighted area here.

Use something like Parcel Motel for third party sellers.

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Yes its a pain! You can use . They give you an address from the north, you ship it to there (which can be free sometimes) then they ship it down to your "motel" (a locker which you can pick up from). I think its only in dublin tho. Its 3.50 a stay.

I havent use this service yet but i saw a huge thread here on boards for it and many people use it. Some big courier company runs it so it seems safe.

that might be a solution for you? I saw on that big thread there opening in few other cities around ireland in next few weeks.

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Aristotle said:
Make sure you're buying it directly from Amazon rather a third party seller.

Use something like Parcel Motel for third party sellers.

Well I was using their amazon store because it was the only place the item was available.

That doesn't answer my question.

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Lucifer-0 said:
Well I was using their amazon store because it was the only place the item was available.

That doesn't answer my question.

Please check my edit.


What is the item?

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Aristotle said:
Please check my edit.


That looks useful.

But I just don't understand the issue with Amazon.
I mean I can go to and purchase whatever I want and they deliver here. But if I use their amazon store amazon says they can't deliver. Really frustrating.

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juan.kerr said:
What is the item?

It's a rucksack.

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That's more Sports Direct's fault. Most companies that ship to Ireland from their own website also ship to Ireland from their Amazon account. Sport's Direct is more of an exception.

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It's the retailer that determines the delivery options since they are dispatching the item not amazon. It can be confusing at times as you don't find out there is a problem until you try to pay.

Check for 'Dispatched from and sold by', on the item. The vast majority of items sold directly by amazon will ship to Ireland.

I always filter to 'FREE Super Saver Delivery' it filters out may of the items that won't ship to ireland.

Does anyone know whether there is an option to only search / view items dispatched by amazon?

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Invariably its the cheapest option that won't ship. Only items bought from the Amazon store deliver as a rule ( but that's not always the case. ) It is usually worth buying over £25's worth to get supersaver delivery.

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There is a Chrome add-on

Amazon Prices for Ireland

might help, have alook

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I am trying the same thing...

A cotton candy maker ( I know) But I can;t order it since Im in ireland..

Get this weird text:

We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0 and clicking the update button below. Learn more

I cant see a reason why :s

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Just use parcelmotel if your getting a "we dont deliver to Ireland"
Ive used it a few times so far with amazon and no problems at all, its a fantastic service

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I think I can answer why.
I had this problem before. I wanted to buy an aluminium carry case and they wouldnt ship to ireland, it was one of the sellers, not direct from and the seller was based in Germany.
I sent them a message asking them why and they said they have no problem selling to ireland and to buy direct from them off their site.

They said the reason they don't have ireland as an option on amazon is because they can't choose individual countries to send to. If they want to include Ireland, it's in a group of countries, some of which is too expensive to ship to.

EDIT: I'll definitely use parcelmotel, looks very handy!

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