micromary Banned

Where is the best place to learn Chinese. I can't seem to find any school around. Any advise would be great. Btw just out of curiousity. Does anybody believe that Chinese will be an important language in years to come?

Linvia Registered User

The language most people speak doesn't mean it is important. But it doesn't hurt to learn a new language anyway. Good luck!

chenkaiwenok Registered User

Where do you live? I am a Chinese with a second level of Mandarin Proficiency which equals that I meet the language requirement of a teacher in China, I can practice Chinese with you! 13202513@ucdconnect.ie

Donne Registered User

Douglas community school in Cork, have an adult evening class starting on the 25th.

It is being taught by this person http://www.chineseclasses.ie/

Smarttt Registered User

Well, depends if you want to learn it in Ireland or China?

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