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I did a scan with malwarebytes antimalware deleted all the files it came up with and now when I start windows I get "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt. \windows\system32\config\system. I don't have the windows cd as it's my sisters pc so what am I going to do?

ASJ112 Banned

You cant get a windows cd off a friend ?

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Doesn't it have to be the same cd with the same key as what was originally installed on it though I thought. I don't even know the key code of the windows that was running on this pc.

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You need a windows install CD, it doesn't have to be the same on that was used to install the machine and you should not need your license key.

you need to boot into a recovery console and copy the file using the terminal/DOS prompt.

Be careful what options you select as you do not want to wipe the machine and perform a new install.

Another option would be to get the file from another machine and drop it in using a linux boot disk.

There are step by step instructions to be found for both processes but if you are not confident then it is best to leave it alone and get some real world help especially as it is not your PC.

ASJ112 Banned

No you can use any windows cd, if you can get one, try a windows repair first as its easy and fixes a lot of issues


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I couldn't get windows repair install to work. The r wouldn't show up. Has anyone any other ideas?

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I got it back up and running earlier this evening.
Funnily enough that is the exact tutorial I used.
I didn't use option 4 though I used option 3.
I went into system~1 and did a dir which showed me all the directories in there.
There was no resto~1 but instead it was called resto with { and a big long massive string after so I did a cd into that directory and everything else was the same as in that article and luckily that managed to bring the pc back to life.
Thanks anyway it is a great tutorial.

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