My ford focus suddenly got very shaky when idle/low revs and has a lack of power in low revs.

Its a 2001 1.6. Any idea what it could be? There was also a slight burning smell outside the car. I checked for coolant and oil and its fine.

Just minutes after I got a free breakdown kit with car wash! I drove home on it, the engine light started to flash, I was about to pull over but while stopped at lights it went off. Then came on again solid. Then started to flash. Its just stuck on now.


George Dalton Registered User

Sounds like the usual coilpack failure.

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Larbre34 Registered User

George Dalton said:
Sounds like the usual coilpack failure.

Thats exactly it, my former partners one gave up when I was driving her Focus in lane 2 of the M50, the hairy experience that followed is the reason shes my former partner. Ah it isnt really

Simple enough fix, €80 or so

Kenny Logins Registered User

Would a coil pack failure always light the CEL?

working fool Registered User

My sisters one did this too
The engine was steam cleaned and the plug leads got wet inside the engine casing the steam couldn't escape .
I just pulled out the leads and let it dry out
Was bang on after an hour .
It did put the engine warning light on .

Coil pack is a common problem
U might get lucky with the dampness thing first

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