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i'm planning on sending it to a relitive in the us and then get him to send it to me but before i do will it work or is there anything i should be careful of and has anyone succeeded in getting one shipped here

cros13 Moderator

Yup, no problem. 3G versions included.

There was a page around somewhere on the Amazon site about the 3G Coverage etc. for Ireland. Can't find it at the minute.

I bought all my Kindles since Gen. 1 in the US.

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Ron Burgundy ! Registered User

thanks yeah i think im going to buy it xray and time to read look great and don't get me started on the display

cros13 Moderator

Just pre-ordered mine too

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cros13 said:
Just pre-ordered mine too
how are you getting
Yours sent to you ?

cros13 Moderator

I normally use the address of one of my employers offices and get stuff forwarded with any shipments heading back to Ireland or held there until I'm over in the states next.

For the first time though I'm going to use a package remailer. A little extra expense but I 'm planning on getting combined shipping on some small items that the shipping cost was too high for individual shipping.

The remailer I'm using is

Ron Burgundy ! Registered User

should my cousin have any trouble shipping it to me (i dont know what policies the us postal service have on electronic devices) and do you need a us credit card to make purchases it doent say on the devices page ?

cros13 Moderator

You don't need a US credit card just set shipping address to a US address.

No prohibition on sending electronics via US mail.

Import of your kindle should be duty-free under EU tariff code 8471300000 (Computers & Tablets).
Customs often don't bother with the extra paperwork on small single items but you will be liable for VAT on the kindle legally.
Make sure to include the commercial invoice from amazon in the package if you don't want it held up.

Alternatively if it is a gift from your US-based cousin for which you are exchanging no payment, leave out the commercial invoice and make sure the customs declaration includes the real price and the box that says gift is ticked.


Ron Burgundy ! Registered User

Thanks I think I'm gonna preorder it this week how long can I expect it to take to arrive to me given I first have to ship it to my cousin who will then have to ship it to me

Ron Burgundy ! Registered User

opinions of the new kindle paperwhite ? mixed reviews so far

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