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Wondering if anyone has been in same situation as me?

I was thinking of purchasing the DS212J 2 bay NAS.
I currently have a PC running PS3 Media Server to transcode MKV files which I connect my PS3 to (PS3 cannot play mkv).
If I move my mkv files to the Synology 212J, will I be able to access these directly from the PS3?
And will the synology transcode them for the PS3?

I sent synology an email, and they replied to say "Yes, no problem", and linked to this:

But at the bottom, it says:
"Note: Not all multimedia file formats supported by DiskStation can be played on PS3. For the supported list of file formats, please refer to the User’s Guide of your PS3."



Get a decent player rather than being tied into Sony's eco system. A WD TV Live costs 90 yoyos and it will natively play pretty much any media format under the sun.

P.S. Your PS3 doesn't support FLAC either. AFAIK, the only supported lossless audio format is Microsoft's WMA Lossless (proprietary), so you'll need a commercial converter (e.g. dbPowerAmp) if you want to enjoy HQ audio.

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Thanks for reply.
Leaning that way alright.
Pity though, another box with another network cable and another remote, etc.

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It will stream MKV to the PS3. It demuxes the video and audio streams and remuxes them in realtime to a container supported by the PS3 (probably .ts).

However it only works if the video and audio streams inside the MKV are supported by the PS3. For example H264 and AC3 should be no problem.

It seems to support some audio transcoding also. But clearly the CPU would not be fast enough for video transcoding.

I would agree that its better just to get a proper media player, will give you much better file support, subtitle support, etc. You also still have the Cinavia issue with PS3.

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I have a ds211j and it will stream just fine. Bad news is that you cannot seek through the movie/show. Pause works for a little bit but the last few iterations of the DSM software has all video files failing after long pauses (5+ minutes) with a network error. Nothing I have read has been able to answer or fix this issue.

I would just stay away from that format. Seeking is hell on the iPad and Android. Not a fan of things that don't work as well as tried and true.

Viva la mp4!

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Cheers Polymathsc.
So you convert all your mkv to mp4?

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