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Hi. I have a Clyde oil burner. It is a Climatic C30. After the summer I tried to switch it on but it locked out. My oil tank is half full and I think the electrics are ok. I feel that the boiler needs to be bled. I have a booklet with the technical instructions but I cannot figure out which of the nuts is the one to open to bleed it. It seems to state that you loosen the nut which is on the side of the pump (This nut on the instructions is marked Suction gauge connection). I am afraid to adjust this as I might upset the oil pressure. There is also another nut on the side of the pump which has a screw in the centre. Could this be the one to adjust? There is also a nut on the bottom of the pump beside the oil inlet pipe. Is this the one to loosen to bleed the airlocks? I am very confused and very disappointed that the Technical Instructions are so ambiguous. Can anyone offer any advice? I would be very grateful for any suggestions as with the onset of colder weather it is important to have the boiler operational. Thanks in advance...Pensioner Pete

Billy Bunting Registered User

As you look at the oil pump on your left, top screw type plug is for presure adjustment and must not be touched, below this is the bleed piont.

Pensioner Pete Registered User

Hi Billy Bunting..Many thanks for the reply. I followed your instructions and bled the boiler successfully. It's now working very well. Really appreciate the information. Best wishes ...Pensioner Pete

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